Commitment to Sustainability


Commitment To Sustainability

The Environmental Choice in Midtown Atlanta

Stonehurst Place combines high-tech and energy-conscious systems with beautiful, classic design. Our eco-friendly practices are incorporated into the property, you won’t even notice.

Eco-Friendly Efforts At A Glance

– Winner of the EarthCraft Home™ and Southface Renovation Project of the Year –

Water Systems

Modern Rainwater Harvesting & Potable Water Systems


Solar Panel Thermal Hot Water Systems to Decrease Energy Use


Greywater Recycling System Used to Water the Lush Gardens

Energy Use

Whole-House Icynene Insulation to Reduce Energy Use

HVAC Systems

Efficient HVAC Systems and Low-VOC Materials to Improve Air Quality

State-of-the-Art Potable Water System

Our potable water system cleans and purifies rainwater to EPA Primary Drinking Water Standards. At Stonehurst Place, rest easy knowing that the purified rainwater used throughout the house is as crystal clear and clean drinking water.


Rainwater is collected from the roof in protected gutters then channeled through underground pipes around the house to underground (3,500 gallons) water storage tanks. Self-contained motors in the tanks pump rainwater out to irrigate our beautiful gardens, a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat, and to our potable water system that cleans and purifies the rainwater to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Primary Drinking Water Standards.

Droughts are prevalent in Atlanta and there is growing concern that we are again entering a drought. Our purified rainwater system reduces our dependency on municipal water.

View of the garden and lobster fountain outside Stonehurst Place
Flowers outside in Stonehurst Place

Brac Greywater Recycling System

Separate plumbing lines channel water from sinks, bathtubs and showers into the Brac Greywater Recycling System. The system takes in greywater, filters and treats it, and finally sends it to the gardens for subterranean irrigation. Waste blackwater is piped from the house to the city sewage system.

Combining the Historic and Eco-Conscious

When owner and designer Barb Shadomy renovated our now 125-year-old historic mansion, she didn’t settle for mediocre. She envisioned a space that combined efficient eco-conscious practices with impeccable preservation. The house was renovated via Southface’s EarthCraft House™ renovation program using industry-leading guidelines from the Green Hotel Association.

Metal bench in gardes in Stonehurst Place

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