Gourmet Breakfast


Gourmet Breakfast

Start Each Day with a Delicious, Gourmet Breakfast

There's no need to rush out each morning to make a brunch reservation. The best breakfast in Midtown Atlanta is just steps from your sinfully comfortable bed. We take great pride in crafting one-of-a-kind, delicious dishes every day. To start, wake up your taste buds with a refreshing first course and overwhelmingly tasty main course. You'll wish you booked a longer stay after tasting one of our incredible meals.

PLEASE NOTE: Everyone deserves a day to rest and recharge, including your Innkeepers.

Wednesdays are the Innkeepers day to rest, therefore Tuesday night reservations will not be served breakfast on Wednesday morning. This is reflected in a lower rate for Tuesday bookings.

We hope you understand and take the opportunity to sleep in a little later yourself or explore the local breakfast offerings Midtown has to offer.

Fresh, Local Ingredients

From meat and vegetables to coffee beans and maple syrup, we source only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. We even use herbs and edible flowers from our own garden! The result is unparalleled freshness and flavor in everything we serve.

Grace Cardona caucasian woman clipping greenery from bushes
Yogurt and fruit cups being prepared in kitchen in Stonehurst Place

A Tradition of Excellence

Wake up to beet and goat cheese napoleons with herbs, honey, and balsamic glaze. Indulge in herb frittatas with crème fraîche and chicken andouille sausage. Delight in bread pudding drizzled with a buttery pumpkin-nutmeg sauce. No matter what's on the day's menu, you'll be drooling to come back for seconds at Stonehurst Place. On the weekends, breakfast gets even better with three amazing courses and refreshing, cold beverages.

Personalized For Your Dietary Needs

We want to make you happy, especially during the most important meal of the day. Whether you have dietary restrictions or simply specific food preferences, let us know at least 24-hours ahead of your arrival and we’ll customize the day's dish just for you!

sliced peaches on orange cutting board spinach in glass bowl at Stonehurst Place

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