Cleaning Procedures & Covid-19


Cleaning Procedures & Covid-19

Maintaining the Most Effective Cleaning Procedures

At Stonehurst Place, we continue to maintain the highest possible cleaning and sanitizing protocols. We stay abreast of CDC updates and continue to meet their latest hygiene and cleaning guidance. Rest assured knowing that our hygiene measures address a broad spectrum of health risks, including COVID-19, and cover everything from handwashing hygiene and cleaning product specifications to guest room and common area cleaning procedures.

Cleaning & Sanitizing Protocols: Further Details

Stonehurst Place team members are thoroughly trained, briefed and regularly updated on any changes to our cleaning and sanitizing protocols. Common areas with high traffic, such as our Foyer, the Dining Room, the Music Room, the Powder Room and the Sleeping Porch Lounge, are sanitized more frequently using hospital-grade disinfectants and products proven to be effective against COVID-19 based on advanced hygiene standards. Our kitchen and appliances are sanitized following the latest Fulton County Health Department protocols, always ensuring correct disinfection and decontamination.

Additional Safety Measures

Staff PPE & Training

Training is provided to hotel team members, to protect guests' and their own well-being as they continue to deliver the highest standards Stonehurst Place is known for. In compliance with CDC guidelines and to protect everyone’s health, all team members receive continuous training in health/cleaning protocols and procedures. For guests and team members, in case of suspected infection, we will isolate the individual, provide PPE to avoid transmitting any infection, and contact 911 for local emergency services.

Check-In Processes

We offer a safe and expedited experience. Door keys are fully sanitized between guests, and we provide express check-out to minimize contact.

Anti-Bacterial Gel

Is placed in each guest room/suite for guest personal use, and disinfectant gel has been placed throughout the property for everyone’s use.

Removal of Paper Amenities

From guest rooms and suites. The in-room guest A-Z Directory is available on your device using our digitized guest information system.

Food Handling Standards

We continue to ensure the safe delivery of the delicious breakfast and treats for which Stonehurst Place is known.

Air & Water Purificaiton

Purification systems are maintained to the highest standards, and these system surface and handling areas are kept extremely clean.

Cleaning Frequency

Increased cleaning frequency of common areas.

High-Touch, Deep Clean Areas in Guest Rooms and Suites

Early departures and all discounted bookings are non-refundable and will not be reimbursed. 

Switches: Lights, lamps, switches and electronic controls.

Handles: Doors, drawers, closets, furniture knobs and drapery pulls.

Bedding: All bed linens including duvet covers, bedspreads, pillowcases and sheets.

Bathroom Surfaces: Towel racks and bars, toilet flush panels/handles and seats, shower and tub controls; sink faucets, bowls and counters.

Bathroom Amenities: Toiletries, tissue boxes, soap dishes, amenity trays and hair dryer.

Climate Control Panels: All function buttons.

Telephones, Remotes and Clocks: Handsets, dial pads and function buttons.

Hard Surfaces: Tables, mantles, desks and nightstands.

Closet Items: Iron, safe handle and keypad.

In-Room Food and Beverage: Refreshment glass- and serve-ware.

Guest Responsibilities
Guests are asked to regularly wash their hands as recommended by the CDC or to use the hand sanitizer placed in-room and around the property. If you start to feel unwell during your time in the hotel, we would please ask you to return to your room or suite immediately, inform one of our Owners, and follow CDC advice to gain medical assistance.

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