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Our Diary

Travel Your Way to a New, Smart You!

Italy - Colosseum lit up at night with people milling about at its base

According to a new study, travel makes you smarter!

This is great news for someone as travel-hardened as me. I found a fun internet piece identifying 9 reasons why traveling makes you smarter. Travel, it reads, activates the mind, slows you down, develops skills. All of these are crucial for people who want to age well and continue to develop. I don’t need another motivator to travel; for me travel is the perfect excuse to change my outlook, rethink habits and explore new corners of the world. But hey, I love a good study as much as the next person!

The thing is, traveling isn’t just about going to far flung places across the world, or on amazing safaris. It’s about connecting with new people. It’s about promoting understanding, grappling with empathy, and understanding new points of view. As I read this 9 reasons article, I was struck by something – that’s what we offer at Stonehurst Place! An amazing number of people come to Stonehurst Place for staycations, or small gatherings, and they do it because we offer access to a community. One of our reviewers described us as a “b&b without the weirdness of a b&b,” and I loved that! Bed and Breakfasts are amazing places to meet people, and thanks to Stonehurst Place’s reputation for service and the highest quality experience, we attract a fascinatingly diverse group of guests. Many who stay at our inn are interested in art, literature and travel. They often share and exchange wonderful stories about their own travels and culture with other guests.

Who am I, today?

Another reason travel is so vital is it helps you keep rediscovering yourself. The article explains that living away from your routine life allows you to experience the moment more vividly, to once again prioritize your own health and well being. Often we are so bound to schedules and routines that we lose touch with ourself. Using time away to remember what you like, how you like it, when you like it, can be crucial for staving off burn out.

I’m planning my next vacation, Christmas in Rome. I feel smarter already.

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