Our Diary


Our Diary

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

Tree at Stonehurst Place

Sometimes it’s a hard decision to take a tree down. It feels like you’re losing a friend, a piece of history, a protector of sorts. But, the diseased Willow Oak that stood in front of Stonehurst for 120 years was going to come down on its own or in man’s timing, and Owner Barb Shadomy chose the safer of the two.

After confirmation for arborists from the City of Atlanta that removal was necessary, Boutte Tree, Inc. was enlisted to tackle the task of taking down the tree on busy Piedmont Avenue. Innkeepers Paul and Lori watched and photographed the entire process; it was too fascinating to leave even for a brief bit of time! It was like watching an orchestra perform; each Boutte team member doing their part at the perfect time. Not a moment was wasted. By the end of the day, the tree was gone, the street swept, and the traffic moved on, as usual.

The impact of taking that big tree down impacted everyone at Stonehurst Place. Something that large and strong just seemed like it should surely live on forever! “I loved that it had been through so many generations with the same family, through wars and elections and moments of history,” said Owner Barb, “It's shade cooled us on hot summer days and shielded us from the blazing sun. I wondered if, when it was young, the Hinman kids climbed it. I was a tree climbing kid.”

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