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Atlanta Olympics Venues Today: 3 of the Best to Visit

Plaque at Centennial Olympic Park, an Atlanta Olympics venue today

Getting to host the Olympics is an incredible opportunity, and it’s even more special when you’re chosen for the 100th anniversary of the modern games. In the summer of 1996, Atlanta lived up to this honor and brought two million visitors together for a celebration of peace, unity, and athleticism. July 19th to August 4th was a time for breaking records, achieving lifelong dreams, and a chance for athletes to leave their mark in history. You can visit some of the Atlanta Olympics venues today and walk in the footsteps of sports legends! 

Enjoy a Piece of History at These Atlanta Olympics Venues Today

The 1996 Summer Games took place at almost 30 venues throughout the city. Here are three of the best sites you can still check out today. They’re all just minutes away from Stonehurst Place!

Statue at Centennial Olympic Park, one of the Atlanta Olympics venues today

Centennial Olympic Park

Not to be confused with Centennial Olympic Stadium, Centennial Olympic Park served as the focal point of the 1996 Olympics. It housed sponsor tents and evening concerts. Today, you can stroll through the park, stand in the water fountains shaped like Olympic rings, and marvel at the international flags standing tall over the landscape. This sprawling green space stands as a permanent commemoration of the 1996 Olympics. And, it’s close to several tourist attractions, including the World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium!

Georgia State Stadium (Centennial Olympic Stadium)

What is now known as Georgia State Stadium is actually the site of the original Centennial Olympic Stadium in 1996. During that summer, it hosted the opening and closing ceremonies as well as several track-and-field events. After the games concluded, they turned it into Turner Field, a baseball stadium for the Atlanta Braves until 2016. Today, it serves as the football stadium for the Georgia State Panthers. Feel free to check it out for a game or a concert!

Clayton County International Park (Atlanta Beach)

Although it’s 30 minutes south of the city, the Clayton County International Park in Jonesboro played a significant role in the 1996 Summer Games. Then referred to as “Atlanta Beach,” this park brought professional volleyball to new heights when it featured the first Olympic beach volleyball tournament. You’re welcome to stop by for a game of volleyball in the sun, to catch a concert, explore the bike trails, and try your luck fishing in the lake!

Stay at Stonehurst Place to See Them All!

Bed in The Eaves Room at Stonehurst Place

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