Virgin Atlantic Guide Atlanta

Stonehurst Place is recommended in Virgin Atlantic’s new in-flight travel guide of Atlanta

Virgin Atlantic creates in-flight videos that act as miniature guidebooks of the cities to which they fly. Their recently released Atlanta video is well worth a watch, and I’m not just saying this because we’re featured in the video! The piece lists Stonehurst Place as one of Atlanta’s top eco-friendly resorts, and spotlights our wonderful qualities including spacious suites, delicious breakfasts, and stylish interiors. It also mentions our art collection that includes a spectacular piece by British artist Nina Mae Fowler, that I discussed in a recent blogpost.

The video is set up as a multi-media guidebook, which begins with a brilliant introduction to Atlanta. It describes Atlanta as a rough and sprawling mass of urban greenery that is “an in demand 21st Century City.” Citing Georgia as the gateway to the South, the video goes so far as to describe Atlanta as the “beating heart” of it. Then it quickly runs through Atlanta’s geographic makeup, describing Atlanta’s five boroughs in short soundbites. The video’s cheerful and excited description of Atlanta isn’t without it’s irony, however. The narrator points out that “the city planners took the peach association very seriously” as the camera flicks through some of the 71 street signs in Atlanta with a variant of “Peachtree” in their name.
34246254Honest Advice for a local, authentic Atlanta stay

This travel guide gives not only a brilliant introduction to Atlanta but also honest advice on traveling through Atlanta, pointing out for example that hailing a taxi in Atlanta is unheard of. Instead, Atlantans rely on calling cabs or using Uber. The video then gives tips for non-locals on how they can navigate the city. Moreover, the video shows a wonderful, authentic side of Atlanta. Rather than focusing on the commercial elements of the Georgia state capital, the video focuses on the authentic and local aspects of Atlanta that lends the town a unique flavor. Promoting unique stores that many locals frequent such as The Junkman’s Daughter and Beehive Jewelry Boutiques, the video takes time to focus on the colorful customers by zooming in on their excitement. Moreover, food the video concentrates on really captures the Atlanta flavor. Virgin Atlantic’s recommended restaurants include some of my favorite, such as Fox Bros. BBQ, my go-to for great ribs, and Mary Mac’s Tea Room, serving classic Southern food just blocks from Stonehurst Place — and for me, an Atlanta dining staple since my youth.

Stonehurst Place is spotlighted first in this video and we’re thrilled! The narrator states “a stay at Stonehurst Place is like being given the keys to your very own Midtown home, complete with two innkeepers on hand to ensure you have the best place possible.” Breakfasts are described as “a delight to wake up to, and among the best you will find in the city,” a huge compliment to Stonehurst Place innkeepers Lori and Paul Worrell who truly make breakfast a treat for our guests.

So, whether you’re coming to Atlanta because of a Gone with the Wind exhibit, the trendy nightclubs of Edgewood Avenue or the Atlanta Movie tour, this video has great recommendations for you. Watch the full version of the ‘Virgin Atlantic Destination Guide: Atlanta’ and you’re sure to get inspiration for your next Atlanta outing!