May 10, 2016

Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited, a British airline, headlines Stonehurst Place in its new in-flight Atlanta destination guide.

Stonehurst Place is featured in Virgin Atlantic’s newest in-flight, multimedia audio-visual guidebook. These short films are available on all long and short-haul Virgin Atlantic flights, and are incredibly popular with the passengers. Virgin Atlantic’s Destination Guides feature a city’s most authentic and accessible hotels, stores, cafes and attractions, and are written by city natives who possess an in-depth understanding of the culture and the city.

Stonehurst Place leads the five accommodations featured in the short film. Virgin Atlantic describes Atlanta as “the gateway to the south” and “one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S with a buzzing cosmopolitan scene and laid back suburbs.”

“Stonehurst Place is an absolute pleasure and joy to stay in. An elegant, historical house, beautifully curated from top to toe, that provides a ridiculously comfy night’s sleep combined with possibly one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever eaten,” says Chris Black of S+O Media and producer of the video for Virgin Atlantic. “There is no better retreat after a day in Atlanta, that is if you can bear to tear yourself away from Stonehurst Place at all!”

The in-flight video featuring Stonehurst Place highlights the boutique bed and breakfast’s art collection with a spotlight on British artist Nina Mae Fowler, whose stunning piece Lucia (Knockers V) graces the inn’s Music Room. “It is such an honour to have my work hanging in Stonehurst Place, alongside great artists such as Nan Goldin. It was so exciting when the work was acquired for the owner on Christmas Eve 2014, as a surprise. I thought wow, what an amazing present for the unknowing recipient. Since then we have become great friends; Barb and Karen continue to collect and support my work. I love to think of the pieces hanging in the communal spaces at Stonehurst Place and being viewed by people who have not seen my work before – the staff are all briefed on the artworks so if anybody asks, they have some background information to offer. I am looking forward to a new project I am currently working on with Barb for Stonehurst Place that for now … is under wraps!”