Travel Ideas- Horseback Vacation in England

Horseback Vacation

As someone who grew up riding, nothing sounds more appealing to me than a horseback vacation exploring the English countryside. I’ve always loved horses; the smells in a barn take me back to my childhood. To me horses are like a bigger version of dogs; they are comfortable to bond with, easy to trust, and fun to be with. The idea of spending a day with a pal on his or her back, knowing you’re going to end up for dinner and spend the the night in a spectacular manor house in the British countryside, sounds like a dream come true. That’s why I’ve put a vacation with Stately Rides on my list of future getaways.


Get Out and Go!

I lived in London from 2004 to 2007, and looking back I realize my favorite thing about those years was the easy access to the English countryside unlocked for me. The English countryside is unlike any other in many ways, sometimes I yearn for its lush, green beauty. My partner and I covered every inch of England that we could; we’d put the dogs in the back of our Discovery and head out of London for a weekend exploration or short holiday. England is a country rich with history in a special way; Europe has its old castles, but generally not in the good condition British ones enjoy. England, with its National Trust and private owners, takes preservation of historic character to heart. As a result there are wonderful historic monuments, gardens, country manors and castles to visit. I loved driving through the countryside; I crave those small winding roads with only hedges dividing me from fields where boundaries were established hundreds of years ago.


And so, when I think about horseback riding these same routes, I’m inspired. To experience the same excitement, explore the same terrain, but on a different beast, one that allows me to be more connected with both the history of England and its unspoiled countryside.

In my car I am bound to roads; on a horseback vacation, I can finally pick the road less travelled.