Purely Excellent B&B

“We recently stayed here for a two day business trip. We were really looking forward to our stay! Upon arriving the first evening, we rang the bell and were promptly greeted. Upon the inn keeper coming to the door we realized that we had made a terrible mistake and did not have a reservation for the right dates. Swiftly they welcomed us to the one room they had available that evening. They did inform us that they were booked full the following night. No problem we thought, we were just so grateful that they had a room, a spectacular one at that, for our first night. The next morning while having an excellent breakfast they told us there was a possibility of one of their guest needing to leave early. If so, we would have to move rooms but could stay. In the mean time they let me stay in our room past check out time until they found out if the guest would be checking out early. Lucky for us they did and we were moved to an equally lovely room upstairs.

Great service and so accommodating
Comfortable beds and linens-Comphy sheets are the best!
Beautifully resorted and decorated.
Breakfast was excellent and plentiful
Inn Keepers are top notch
Location Is excellent-Neighborhood has great restaurants and good access to the interstate.
Cold and hot beverages available all day long with great snacks!

This property is gorgeous and has a great history. It is by far our favorite place to stay now in Atlanta!”

Posted on TripAdvisor by Jennifer E, Cherry Hills Village, Colorado