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They say a well-composed photograph is worth 1,000 words. While writing usually exists to transmit information, photography fulfills a basic human hunger for less tangible, more abstract feelings. It is only the best writers who can bring the affect of photography to text, and I am constantly astounded by how well photographer Anne Simone does this. On her blog, she compliments her stunning photographs with well-crafted prose. Anne is an honest writer; reading only a few of her posts lets you appreciate the easy flow of her thoughts and the touching tenor of her writing.

Anne Simone’s writing is scattered with intelligent and thoughtful turns of phrase, designed to inspire you to think about what she is saying through her photography. The small nuances and inflections in her writing allow it to be both colloquial and friendly, as well as thought-provoking and deeply evocative. Some of her phrases sound like aphorisms, phrases that should be entrenched in our vocabulary, because they touch such a fundamental truth. An example of this is her idea that “Real love impacts us all, as drenching as rain and as solid as earth.” I find her writing wonderful, whether it’s about Star Wars fan culture, finding yourself through nature or a moving post about a marriage.


Anne Simone’s photography

Anne Simone’s photography carries the same honesty; in the pictures of Stonehurst Place she invites you in, allowing you to feel as if you’re part of this place. Anne accomplishes this through her photographic style; with free-lensing and warm light Anne has set up a space in which you can feel comfortable. She’s perfectly captured the warmth of the rooms and suites at Stonehurst Place, where the natural lighting she uses allows the smallest details, those that make the rooms a delight, really shine. When I look at her photography I feel like I’m a part of what she’s captured; I feel like I’m there. Her photography conveys what it feels like to stay at Stonehurst Place, and because her photography is evocative of that, it’s no surprise her writing holds the same strength.

If like me you’re looking for perfect places, you can see examples in how Anne has captured the essence of Stonehurst Place in her photography. She catches the little moments and focuses on the intimate corners, whether it’s the way the desk lamp warms the surface of a table, the reflection of the window in a framed artwork or something as simple as a bar of soap.

A photograph may be worth 1,000 words, but any one of Anne Simone’s images conveys so much more.