Exploring England Through Castles

Tourism Through Castles and Historical Monuments

As I mentioned before, I lived in London for a while. My partner and I loved exploring the historical monuments, especially all the castles. We had two large dogs and I was enrolled in interiors and garden design school, and as a result exploring the beautiful countryside of England was the ideal getaway. One of the best vacations I have ever taken was during this idyllic time in England.

The UK is a place rich with history. Walking through an unknown town seemingly in the middle of nowhere, you’ll come across house foundations older than any in the United States, and roads from Roman times. I always loved this rich historical aspect, and as a result was enchanted by the suggestion of a friend. He told me that the Landmark Trust was a UK-based building conservation charity, founded in 1965 by Sir John and Lady Smith, that rescues buildings of historic interest. It then rents them out for vacations. And they are wonderful. So obviously, my partner and I decided to stay in a property owned by the Landmark Trust.

We stayed in a beautiful small castle off the coast in Devon that slept 4.kingwear castle, castles Kingswear Castle was built in 1502. That’s only 10 years after Columbus’s first voyage across the Atlantic! The castle is a small defensive castle part of a pair, which represent the most advanced military design of their day. It did not, however, last long. Once military weaponry improved, Kingswear Castle became redundant. It was left to decay in the 1650s, but then rescued and turned into a summer residence in 1855 by Charles Seale Hayne. The Landmark Trust bought it in the 1950s, and now its an incredibly comfortable castle right on the ocean. The castle is fitted with all the important modern amenities, but I loved its remoteness, which meant that my partner and I could enjoy the beautiful countryside with our dogs in tow.

The thing that I love about Landmark Trust accommodations is the same thing that I am trying to achieve with Stonehurst Place; they are authentic buildings which allow you to enjoy the local culture in ways a hotel stay never can.